Beautifully manage your code's complexity
StrataCode is the language that changes everything.
It enables universal customization and the deepest level of integration - all with easy to use layers. The entire team works better together - StrataCode empowers software developers and business users alike.

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Java extensions
Code-preprocessor, incremental changes to code for readability.
New Features
Properties, data binding, objects, multiple inheritance, and more.
Java to Javascript
Robust, efficient Java in the browser. Produces readable, usable Javascript.
Customization with Layers
Groundbreaking improvement to object-oriented design.
Allows business and technical users to customize applications.
Data Synchronization
Simply build a new breed of highly efficient and functional client/server applications.
HTML Templates
Dynamic HTML templates with unparalleled flexibility and performance.
Live Programming
Live, real-time programming for business and technical users.
Better for Business
Saves time and money.

Jeff Vroom ( began realizing the vision for StrataCode eight years ago. It's now just under 160K lines of readable, easy-to-follow code with no core dependencies, soon available for download. StrataCode works as a standalone build and configuration management tool, core-runtime jar file for data binding, or a dynamic runtime used by the build system, dynamic Java and the IDE. There's built-in git and maven support to get started quickly. StrataCode's test-suite compiles code from dozens of standard Java projects with complete code integrity for types and references and catches the most common coding errors.

Easily integrated with Javascript, HTML, Swing, Android, OpenGL, JUnit, Servlets, Jetty, OpenJPA, Hibernate, GWT, and Wicket.

Contact us for more information. We're looking for partners. While we'd love to open source StrataCode, at this point we're looking to form more of a cooperative, to provide the benefits of open source, with more control, and fairer compensation for programmers who improve the platform. It's in the idea stage, but the goal would be for businesses to feel more confident in their tool source, to manage costs, and have a trusted partner as a platform interface, both for support and for access to the community. Developers would pay membership, and subscription fees priced like other tools developers normally use like Atlassian. In return they'd get full use but not redistribution rights to the source code. Members that contribute back to the platform would be awarded something we could convert into shares in the business. At this point we are interested in hearing what developers think.

Like you, we want faster software, built faster having more fun, and then to sit back and watch it run for a long time efficiently. We're looking to build a community of smart and nice people to make this happen. Read more in these articles.