Beautifully manage your code's complexity
A new dimension in coding with layers and code-processing.
Universal customization, deep integrations. Teams that works better together - empowering developers and business users alike.

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Java extensions
Code-processor that incrementally changes your code as you use new features.
New Features
Properties, data binding, objects, multiple inheritance, and more.
Java to Javascript
Robust, efficient Java in the browser. Produces readable, usable Javascript.
Customization with Layers
Groundbreaking improvement to object-oriented design.
Allows business and technical users to customize applications.
Data Synchronization
Simply build a new breed of highly efficient and functional client/server applications.
HTML Templates
Dynamic HTML templates with flexibility and performance.
Live Programming
Live, real-time programming for business and technical users.
Scalable solutions that last
More efficient model for building and managing custom and customizable forms and applications.

Jeff Vroom ( began realizing the vision for StrataCode eight years ago and is the primary contributor. It's now just under 160K lines of readable, easy-to-follow code with no core dependencies, soon available for download. Despite the large scope of features, you can adopt features one-by-one. StrataCode makes a great build and configuration management tool. Add some basic code-processing to understand and deploy your code with more power. Leverage data binding with three easy new operators for forward, reverse, and bi-directional bindings between properties and expressions. The dynamic Java runtime gives you one language for build files, customized code, configuration and adds an easier API to create frameworks and tools. Run Java code in the browser. Build quick, and adaptable management UIs or build your own tools and frameworks.

To get started quickly, StrataCode has built in support for git, maven, and an IntelliJ plugin to edit layered code much like Java. StrataCode's test-suite processes code from dozens of standard Java projects with complete code integrity for types and references and catches the most common coding errors itself. Or use the StrataCode Parselets library to write quick powerful, efficient grammars that declaratively generate your AST and even leverage it's ability to incrementally change code directly by modifying AST properties and instances.

Already integrated with HTML/Javascript, Swing, Android, OpenGL, JUnit, Servlets, Jetty, OpenJPA, Hibernate, and Wicket. Designed for rapid and flexible future integrations.

Contact us for more information. StrataCode's runtime and IDE are free to download and use to build applications during the trial period. We'd love your feedback. At this stage, we have tools suited for developers. If there's enough demand we'll price it like other developer tools you might use (e.g. IntelliJ). We'll provide support and services and seek out qualified partners to collaborate with on the source code, and strategic projects we'll build for you. Perhaps you'd like to build or upgrade an existing SaaS platform written in Java or need a language level integration, or need to build an IDE? StrataCode is designed to build great software that will last and offer developers control, reliability and an affordable/sustainable ecosystem for leveraging their skills.

We'll continue to refine the core platform until it's useful for a wide variety of applications. After that we'll build and applications and integrations ourselves including a management UI construction framework. If there's not enough interest in StrataCode as a developer's tool for the support overhead, we may stop accepting new developer customers and focus on applications so act now if you are interested.

Like you, we want faster software, built faster and happier customers. Provide management UIs, with customization so you can hand solutions off and let customers manage their own solutions. What a feeling to sit back, relax, and watch it run for a long time efficiently with zero to no maintenance. If have concerns about long-term support, get in touch and Jeff will help you find a solution that works for you long term. If you feel more comfortable using a framework built by a big company as a side-project, we'll recommend some good solutions. If you are looking to build valuable solutions in the world, we may have a more stable solution in the long run. Take your code to a new dimension with layers and code-processing.

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