Bill Wright has done a number of interesting things in his life, including service in the Marine Corps, fifteen years playing rugby around the world, and being considered for the host job on the Wheel of Fortune. He also has an extensive IT sales, marketing and business strategy background.

He co-founded and sold an application company called Cremote, which featured one of the first home electronics remote control applications for the iPhone.


Jeff has had help from many people. Natalya Hung for advice on the syntax, help debugging and writing many of the early samples. Bill Wright for advice and help making StrataCode a sustainable reality. Laena Wilder for inspiration on too many levels to list them all. Todd Rein for help understanding how much help I need with developer marketing. Nathan Abrahamson for many conversations in the design of ATG's software platform. Rollin Crittendon has provided lots of insight and contributed the CSS parser, written samples, and helped with the documentation.

Project Status

StrataCode is ready for developers to download and use for building applications. It's in a beta stage now in terms of quality and features. Some interfaces will still change slightly based on feedback.

Here are the open bugs.