StrataCode introduction (9 mins, May 2014)
Introduction to StrataCode. Download the presentation (PDF).
StrataCode web demo: preview (13 mins, May 2014)
Demo of the StrataCode Web Framework.
StrataCode introduction (20 mins, Sept 2012)
Older, longer introduction to StrataCode (then known as LayerCake). Download the presentation (PDF).
Basic demo only (7 mins, Sept 2012)
Shows interactively the unitConverter and expertSystem examples using the Swing editor. Introduces basic language concepts.
Advanced demo (12 mins, Sept 2012)
Demonstrates the swing editor running using dynamic layers. The program editor demonstrated editing the code for the unit converter and the program editor itself. Demonstrates more complex data binding expressions, layer definition files, adding objects, code view editing code, the fun 3d view which shows the openGL integration.
StrataCode frameworks (10 mins, Sept 2012)
Shows android, wicket, gwt integrations. Even though this is a year old, the last 2 minutes accurately describes the now built web framework.
Building StrataCode Frameworks (13 mins, Sept 2012)
The concepts behind how you build StrataCode frameworks.
StrataCode architecture (12 mins, Sept 2012)
Core architecture and design of StrataCode. Includes a description of the parser/formatter engine.