If you're interested in hands on, contact Jeff Vroom for more info.

There are some old videos that might still be helpful but lots of names have changed demo videos.

Prerequisites: Experience with Java, Git, Unix (linux or mac, some windows support)

Download StrataCode runtime

Get the IntelliJ plugin which includes the runtime or download a release from github. This installs the scc command and all the libraries you need to create a project.

Option: Build from source

Currently StrataCode is not open source while we determine the right license and find a way to support developers building development tools. Contact Jeff for access to the source tree as it's a lot more fun to build when you have the source. Once you have access, you can run:

  mkdir /home/scc
  cd /home/scc
  git clone https://github.com/stratacode/system.git

and read the Readme for setup. https://github.com/stratacode/system. It's easy to build with your IDE, StrataCode or Gradle.

When built with StrataCode, it produces the "scc" command script. In your IDE, just create a configuration with sc.layer.LayeredSystem as the 'mainClass'.

Create a StrataCode Project

A StrataCode project contains one or more bundles of layers in the bundles directory. You can create a directory from the IntelliJ plugin or by hand with:

  mkdir /home/StrataCode
  cd /home/StrataCode
  mkdir bundles
  cd bundles
  git clone https://github.com/stratacode/coreFramework.git

You can add additional layer bundles as well (inside of the 'bundles' directory):

  git clone https://github.com/stratacode/example.git
  git clone https://github.com/stratacode/managementUI.git
  git clone https://github.com/stratacode/ecommerce.git

Add this so that the 'scc' command can find it's own source code:

cd /home/StrataCode
mkdir conf
cat > conf/scSourcePath

Running StrataCode Examples

From your /home/StrataCode directory run:

If you have problems after code changes, use the '-a' option to build all files or remove the layer's build directory in /home/StrataCode/build

There's a usage for the scc command and type "help" at the command line.

See known issues.

IDE Setup.