Prerequisites: Experience with Java, Git, Unix (linux or mac, some windows support)

Option #1: IntelliJ plugin

The easiest way to get started is with the IntelliJ plugin.

Get the IntelliJ plugin which includes the runtime or download a release from github. This installs the scc command and all the libraries you need to create a project.

Option #2: Download scc runtime

Download a release of the 'scc' command and libraries. (TODO: link to github releases or maybe host the files ourselves after a license agreement?)

Option #2: Build from source

Currently StrataCode is not open source while we determine the right license and find a way to support developers building development tools. Contact Jeff for access to the source tree as it's a lot more fun to build when you have the source. Once you have access, you can run:

  mkdir /home/scc
  cd /home/scc
  git clone

and read the Readme for setup. It's easy to build with your IDE, StrataCode or Gradle.

When built with StrataCode, it produces the "scc" command script. In your IDE, just create a configuration with sc.layer.LayeredSystem as the 'mainClass'.

Create a StrataCode Project

A StrataCode project contains one or more bundles of layers in the bundles directory. You can create a directory from the IntelliJ plugin or by hand with:

  mkdir /home/StrataCode
  cd /home/StrataCode
  mkdir bundles
  cd bundles
  git clone

You can add additional layer bundles as well (inside of the 'bundles' directory):

  git clone
  git clone
  git clone

Add this so that the 'scc' command can find it's own source code:

cd /home/StrataCode
mkdir conf
cat > conf/scSourcePath

Running StrataCode Examples

From your /home/StrataCode directory run:

If you have problems after code changes, use the '-a' option to build all files or remove the layer's build directory in /home/StrataCode/build

There's a usage for the scc command and type "help" at the command line.

See known issues or report a bug.